2019 McDowell Honeybees. K Speer Webmaster

Best Tasting Sourwood Honey in McDowell County

First Place: Jim Austin

Second Place Tie: Robert Kruzel / Barbara Fiele

Third Place Tie: Dan Shea


 We meet at 6:30pm, the second Thursday of every month at the McDowell Senior Center, 100 Spaulding Rd., Marion, NC 28752.  Special meetings and locations are announced here and via our email list.

Guests of all ages are always welcome at our meetings!

September 12, 2019  Meeting

Ray Revis, NCSBA Master Beekeeper

Prepping for Winter and Spring

McDowell Senior Center


News from the President

The Sourwood flow was a very good year for many beekeepers in our area.  I hope your bees are doing well.

Congratulations to the winners of our 2019 Best Tasting Spring Honey in McDowell County contest! With 20 submitted honeys and 70 tasters, this was our largest contest to date. 

We are looking forward to a fun and productive 2020. The executive board is busy lining up some informative speakers and bee school planning is in progress. 

Ed Speer

Bee School Community Donors/Supporters

McDowell County Farm Bureau

McDowell Technical Community College

McDowell County Extension Office

Orr Bee Supply

Hwy 226 Bee Supply

Reel's Bee Supply

Revis Russians


Do you have a swarm of bees and need some assistance or information? The beekeepers on this list are happy to help!

Minutes from our Monthly Meetings

How to contact the club Officers and Committee chairs

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We have a form you can fill out so that we can keep a record of your community service credits, etc. To get a report of your entries, just ask Karen Speer. 

Marion Climate Data

How does climate & weather affect our bees?

1981-2010 Monthly Temperature & Precipitation Averages for Marion, NC

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