2019 McDowell Honeybees. K Speer Webmaster

The McDowell Honey Bees 

We are a Chapter of the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association, Inc. which was formed to pursue together all matters relating to honeybees and the beekeeping industry, for the benefit of the members and the general public.

Our two primary objectives are:

a) Education - Teach and encourage better methods among the beekeepers of McDowell County, to promote cooperation and sharing, to reach a common understanding regarding our problems and their solution, to maintain friendly and helpful relations with the NCSBA.

b) Charity - Do such things as will tend to improve purposes exclusively for its members and the general public relating to honey bees and the beekeeping industry.

Anyone Interested in beekeeping and the beekeeping industry may join the chapter upon payment of the annual dues. The right to vote shall be limited to members in good standing.

Chapter meetings are open to the public and held monthly. Meeting notices are mailed several days prior to each meeting. Contact the McDowell Extension office to have your name and address added to the list.

Join Our Club. Download the application and bring it to our next meeting.

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