Mighty Mite Killer
Thermal Treatment Program

The McDowell Honey Bee Club is now renting Thermal Industries' Mighty Mite Killer units to club members!  This is a new non-chemical heat treatment for Varroa mites.  The thermostatically-controlled MMK units heat a Langstroth beehive to kill Varroa on adult bees and in capped brood cells.  The club has 3 heater units (one each for 5-frame, 8-frame, & 10-frame hives).  Every club member is eligible to rent one of the units for $10 for a 2-day rental period (plus $20 refundable deposit). 


The four documents listed below detail the program and explain how the heat treatments work.  Any club member interested in renting one of the MMK units should carefully read all 4 documents, watch the YouTube videos mentioned in the documents, and join the Mighty Might Thermal Treatment Users Group on Facebook.  Note that hives need to be prepared before renting a MMK unit.  

Interested club members can schedule their 2-day rental period by contacting Ed Speer (Chairman of the Thermal Treatment Program) at Ed@SweetBetsyFarm.com or 828-724-4444.  Reservations are first come, first serve.  Pickup & return of the units will be between 9 am & 7 pm at Sweet Betsy Farm (3947 Mudcut Rd, Marion, NC) on days designated by SBF.

Additional training sessions on using the MMK heaters will be held as needed.  Those members who missed the training session are still eligible to rent the units, but are advised to use caution. Ask if you have questions!

All members using the MMK heaters are encouraged to report their results, as outlined in the documents below.

MMK Image.jpg